Sunday, May 1, 2011

My son is turning into a Robot!

Nico has epilepsy. And sometimes that means he needs wires attached to his head to make sure he's not turning into a Robot... well, that's what I tell him anyway.

In all actuality we wanted to make sure that Nico wasn't having seizures while he slept... good news, we don't think he is... at least not that night.  I stayed over with him, but Ryan and I spent the days with him playing the WII and watching movies and being annoyed with nurses making him drink 20 gallons and liquid a day.... HE'S NOT THIRSTY!

He loved moving his face and blinking his
eyes vigorously to change the
squiggly lines on the EEG reading :-)
funny little boy. 

How he does it all with out freaking out it beyond me... Brave boy.  Although I think that the technicians that attach his wires are a little bit immune to kid's feelings.  They have a time schedule and don't want to be slow for a worried little boy.  They could have been more gentle, but I'm his mother, and I'm supposed to say that!  Be Nice, he's my perfect little boy and you are not allowed to break him!!!!!!!

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