Sunday, January 30, 2011

General Science

Nico's 6 year old Birthday party. He got a Chemistry kit, an electricity kit and some plastic measuring cups and beakers.  We had 12 kids around the table making Goop and Slime.  Well, almost 12 - two of the 6 year old boys thought it was just too gross and couldn't stomach it.  The next day, science continued

The girls were really into it.  Messy Messy Messy.  Slime - Water and Corn Starch.  - add the food coloring to the water before mixing with corn starch.
Luca enjoying Yellow Goop.  


Nico mixing up the goop - 1/2 cup of Elmers glue and 1/2 cup water mixed together with a couple of drops of food coloring.  Then add a mixture of 1 tsp of borax and 1/2 cup water.  Mix Mix Mix.  and have a ball.  On the right we were learning about the density of water and oil.  They just won't stay mixed!    

The Dry Up... Day 10, The End

 Hmmm nothing much happened.  It's pretty crunchy and it only dried up. It got pretty crunchy too.
The Lime shrunk a bunch and all the juice dried up.  It got pretty crunchy too.
The cauliflower is pretty gross - It started to Decay - Woo Hoo!   It got blacker and blacker every day.

Let's do it again... Next time - what happens if we cover the food up????  I bet they will DECAY!!!!

The Dry Up... Day 3 & 5.

Day 3: Looks the same, getting pretty dry
Excitement started to wane at day 5 when nothing much was happening.  The Great Dry up was exactly that - Dry.
Day 5: Really Dry and crunchy - maybe  a litte bit darker brown

Day 3: More Brown spots, looks gross
Day 5: It Shrunk! and got yuckier

Day 5: It's also shrinking and getting really dry
Day 3:  It's getting dried up. 

The Dry Up... Day 1

The First experiment.  Nico wanted to experiment with food to see what would happen - hoping that they would DECAY - This was said in a very sinister voice.  It's a basic concept.  We would take pictures, and write about the process and put it on the Blog.  Very exciting.  This experiment was done dry - the food wasn't covered, so the moisture would evaporate.  

Slice of Lime

Whole Wheat Bread

Observations for the first day were basic.  Nico stated that all the food looked normal and moist, but the cauliflower had brown spots.  "Maybe it's already started decaying... This is Great!"

The Science Man

Nico has just turned 6 - and he is now the Science Man.   It started innocently about a month ago... I woke up to Nico collecting germs with a plastic syringe.  His plan  was to collect them, put them onto a piece of paper and after 28 hours EXACTLY he would look at the paper and see if any germs showed up on the paper, we would know if there were germs because the germs would turn bright colors.  I just loved it, and although his process was slightly flawed, he has been doing science almost every day since.  ... Let the Experiments begin.