Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's been a rough couple of weeks...

Nico Broke his elbow. As if he's not in the hospital often enough!   Thankfully it's healing well and he will not need any pins or surgery.  6 weeks of a cast... and he is SUCH a trooper... he tried very hard not to cry and he Never complains about it.  LOVE YOU...
The Day before Easter Nico, like many other kids, thought it would be a good idea to spin in circles until he got dizzy. Unlike most other kids, he stopped spinning and started to run, right into the edge of a door jam!  Wow his head swelled fast!  It has since turned every color of the rainbow.   But once again, he's a trooper, he went right on playing (after the ice pack) and was well enough to go Easter Egg hunting and to get hurt again the next day. 

His 6 year old cousin Riley has a great arm... Unfortunately Nico's is in a cast... he was unable to catch the baseball, but his nose was able to stop it.  Bled like a sieve.  He is a magnet for injury.  I love you Nico... just duck next time, o.k.?

****  On a final note, I have witnesses for all of these events..

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